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Our special issue of Studies in Social Justice, featuring articles originally presented at our 2021 conference, will be published in 2024.


Our anthology, Challenging Borders: Contingencies and Consequences, drawing on papers originally presented at our 2019 conference, will be published by Athabasca University Press in Spring 2024.

Sheila McManus presented the Public Professor talk, "Borders are Stupid," on November 23, 2023.

Johanna Reynolds, Grace Wu, and Julie E. E. Young, "Counter-Archive as Methodology: Activating Oral Histories of the Contested Canada-US Border,"  ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 22:4 (2023)

Judith K. Bernhard, Julie E.E. Young, and Luin Goldring, "Access to Early Childhood Services by Precarious Status Families: Negotiating Multiple Borders in a Sanctuary City, Toronto Canada," Toronto Metropolitan University Centre for Immigration and Settlement Working Paper No. 2023/02. 

March 20, 2023.  All three members of the LBSG were on the "Historical, Legal, and Social Dimensions and Realities of the Border Regimes in North America" panel, part of Toronto Metropolitan University's "Bordering Migration Workshop."

On Friday December 2, 2022, we held a book launch and panel discussion for Sheila McManus' new book Both Sides Now: Writing the Edges of the North American West.  Texas A&M Press, 2022.

Paul McKenzie Jones, panelist, "Border Blues: A Virtual Panel on the Negative Impacts of the Covid-19 Border Closure."  November 9, 2021.  Organized and presented by Carleton University's Centre for Security, Intelligence, and Defence Studies.


Sheila McManus, "Gunless as Settler Colonial Borderlands Fantasy," in Cinematic Settlers: The Settler Colonial World in Film, edited by Janne Lahti and Rebecca Weaver-Hightower. Routledge, 2020: 65-76.  Order it here.

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